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The Pleiades
The name taygeta is from the name of one of the stars in the Pleiades cluster in the constellation Taurus. It is a magnitude 4.29 class B6 star, it is also known as 19 Tauri. It is the bright star in the red circle in the above figure.

Taygeta was the original workstation here at Taygeta Scientific. It is a MIPS 3230 "Magnum" workstation. It is a RISC workstation built on the R3000A processor chip. It is running the RISCOS V4.52 version of the Unix operating system. This was the mid-range workstation that was being made by MIPS Computer Systems Inc (now MIPS Technologies, Inc.) when they merged with Silicon Graphics. The MIPS line of workstations is no longer made; the nearest living relative to the Magnum is the Silicon Graphics Indigo. The system is now being used as a portability testbed and to provide live backups for other Taygeta machines.

Because the MIPS line is no longer being built, I have often had to port software to this system. Many times, but not always, this involves taking the build configuration for the Indigo and trying to build it on taygeta. The list below includes some of these binaries which I am making available "as is",


Available MIPS binaries built on taygeta

Contributions by others

If you know of other sites which are providing software for these nice old machines, let me know and I will point to them.

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